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Mind enhancing medicines! Almost sounds like science fiction. We all know about brain stimulators invented back in 1980s that, well to be honest, doesn’t make much difference at all. We tried those “study” pills you can buy from the corner that keeps you awake for weeks then crushes you hard and turns you into a junkie. But what about the new smart drugs we keep hearing about these days? Do they work? Are there any side effects? Let’s find out.

There are so many fake marketing propagandas about those smart drugs, its hard to find any information that’s honest beyond doubt. So I decided to do my own experiment on smart drugs and share my findings on my website for others to learn from. From my experience so far, I can say that there are great mind enhancing medicines available today, but there are also so many fakes that’s even harmful for your body and mind. So be careful when choosing one. I hope my own smart drug journey notes will help you a little.